The Guy That Hawks Wearing Suit(Photo)

The Guy That Hawks Wearing Suit(Photo)

Daniel Nartey is a 25-year old Ghanaian teacher was not satisfied with the salary he earns, so Nartey takes to the streets shortly after school closes to hawk water melon. What however caught the attention of BBC was that, Daniel hawks in suit and office shoes. Below is the reason Daniel gave for hawking in suit.
His reason;
My pastor always says dress well no matter the job you do, so I decided to wear a suit,” he said.
He added, “Some laugh at me, others encourage me and are willing to help me.”
He however said his dressing has also helped him to sell better.
 “I make 100% profit. I think it is because of how I dress, people notice me easily and want to buy from me,” he said.


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