Popular Comedian advises guys to ‘RAPE’ any girl who sleeps in their house

Popular Comedian advises guys to ‘RAPE’ any girl who sleeps in their house

After his sexual fraud skit which got everybody talking, Baba De Baba, threw more light on the reasons behind this viral skit with Judith Harankis of JoyAkosaCorner.
Q: What inspire the concept behind this viral skit?
 What inspired it was the too must sensitivity of rape that girls now use to dupe guys, because when she raising alarm nobody will defend the guy because it rape cause and that why a girl will blackmail a guy with rape and go Scott free.  So I want to reduce the sensitivity of rape so that people can have fare hearing
 Q: In the video you mentioned forcefully, are you in support of rape?
 In the context of the video.. The message is that the lady exposed herself to rape.. you don’t expect to visit a guy you met on social media and stay there for a week and expect him to be spending money without asking for anything. You can’t stay near fire and not feel the heat.

Q: Do you think is a bad idea to stay in a relationship/courtship without sexual intercourse?

I can’t talk about that!

Q: In a nutshell, you believe it’s a must for a guy to forcefully go against a lady’s wish?

Please do not misquote me… Any girl that goes to visit a guy for a week, bath and sleeps naked on his bed is wayward so she can’t justify denying him sex.
 Q: Do you feel any regret after this video went viral and some of your fans were against it?
Never.. The video has a message and I stand by it.
Q: What is your advise for those that engaged in online dating?
If a girl visits a guy spends his money pretending to be in love yet you can’t sleep with him because his a “maga”, that is “sexual fraud” and i am fighting against that.
Q: Look like you are taking this up, has any lady ever treat you in such way?
Sexual fraud is the trend now, ladies have tried and failed but I want to defend other guys.
Q: If you choose to stand for the men, how do you intend to preach the gospel?
I have preached the gospel in the skit and mother’s will start training their children now. And rape will no more be sensitive when a wayward girl goes to sleep in a man’s house for a week and expect to chop and run because she can accuse him of rape and nobody will defend him.
Q: Should your fans expect more from this type of concept?
I have discuss so many issues in my skits and write-ups, so, it’s not just about rape, I have addressed political, entertainment and other issues before. I have done a skit before that exposed what some big comedians do to upcoming comedians titled “SHOW ME THE WAY”. I wrote the famous  “LETTER TO NIGERIANS LEADERS”, i have also done a skit on how wicked some Lagos landlords are. So this “RAPE NONSENSE” is not the first issue i have addressed.
It’s not just about rape, i also wrote the famous “TIWA SAVAGE, WHERE’S THE HEAD OF YOUR BABY”
Q: Any last words to your fans?
My last word to my fans is that I didn’t promote rape, I am not a rapist, i have never been accused of rape, in fact, i have not touched any woman for the past two years. I apologize to those who have refused to see the message in the skit.
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