Photos: Woman throw her pikin from ninth floor after fire catch 24 storey building wey she dey stay

Photos: Woman throw her pikin from ninth floor after fire catch 24 storey building wey she dey stay

One woman throw her pikin from ninth floor window to take save em life after fire catch the 24 storey building wey she dey stay.

The fire start early hours of Wednesday (wey be today) for The Grenfell Tower wey dey West London.

Na like 12 people don die, and 74 others get serious injury wey dem dey treat dem for hospital.

One person wey dey there when the woman dey throw her pikin narrate,

 “The windows were slightly ajar, a woman was gesturing that she was about to throw her baby and if somebody could catch her baby.

“Somebody did, a gentleman ran forward and managed to grab the baby,”

The witness talk say the woman wrap her pikin inside something wey be like blanket kon throw the pikin from the window.

“A member of the public, a guy, ran forward and just miraculously grabbed the baby at the right moment and then the shadow, I assume the mother, went backwards and that was the last we saw.”

She also talk say another person do em own parachute to take escape himself from the fire.

Another person wey narrate wetin em see as he talk say,

 “The fire started happening on third floor, we called the fire bridge who came 20 minutes later, and then the whole thing just went up.

“An hour-and-a-half later, I saw a kid on the 22nd floor on fire, he walked to the window, and he jumped.”

The fire start around 1:16am.

Some talk say na from the third floor the fire first start before he kon cover the whole building, others talk say na from the 4th floor e take start from.

One 55 years old Eddie Daffarn dey on 16th floor when one neighbor call am say make he come out.

He narrate how em take come out, he say,

“I ran out to find where the exit was and eventually a fireman was lying on the ground and touched my leg and he was able to help me into the fire escape.

“If I had been in that stairwell for any longer, I don’t think I would have found the escape exit. You couldn’t see a thing. I was choking badly, it was a moment of life and death for me.

“I didn’t have that much time to think; it was only when I got into the doorway I realised how serious it was.

“I’m very grateful that the London Fire Brigade were there to help me. I couldn’t see anything. I was choking. I think my neighbour who called me saved my life.”

One Tamara wey follow BBC News yarn talk say,

“We could hear people screaming ‘Help me;’ so me and my brother, with some other people who live in the area, ran over to the estate to where you could still get underneath it and there were people just throwing their kids out saying ‘Save my children.’

“The fire crew, ambulance and police couldn’t do anything, they couldn’t get in, and they were just telling them to stay where they are, and we’ll come and get you.

“But things quickly escalated beyond measure and they couldn’t go back in and get them.

“Within another 15 minutes, the whole thing was up in flames and there were still people at their windows shouting ‘Help me’.

“You could see the fire going into their houses and engulfing the last room that they were in.”

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