Odogwu: ‘I don’t talk about my family with media’ – comedian says

Odogwu: ‘I don’t talk about my family with media’ – comedian says

Here we bring to you, an energetic comedian popularly known as Odogwu.

In this interview with Judith Harankis of  JoyAkosaCorner, Odogwu shed more lights on his background, career and what he has for fans.

Enjoy as we walk you through the interview!

Can you tell us briefly about you?
My name is odogwu. I’m a stand up comedian, and also an on air personality.

As energetic comedian? How do you manage to maintain the standard between comedy and also as an OAP?
They are almost the same. I crack jokes on my radio programme. The different is my radio programme is not a standup comedy. It is a comedy radio programme.

From the onset, do u actually have passion to be a comedian?
I started comedy since 2001.

So that means making people happy has been part of you from the onset?

You have been in this industry for more than a decade, what are the major challenges?
Mediocre are now in the game. Comedian are not respected anymore because a lot of mediocre have spoilt the game.
And again we find it hard to get sponsor from cooperate bodies. And the economy now is affecting us badly.

So, What gives you strength to hang on?
Hope, Courage and Vision.

So, can you tell us, what is Odogwu cooking for his fans aside from the radio show?

Coming up when and where?
At Shel Hall, Muson center on the 18th of September.



So aside from doing your annual show in Lagos, should your fans outside Nigeria expect something from you anytime soon?
By God’s grace, yes.

Talking about family, tell us about your background?
I was not born with a silver spoon. But, I thank God for my mother who out of nothing raised four children.

So, you are what position in the family among your siblings?
Third. Second to the last.

How about your own personal family?
I don’t talk about them. I take them away from media.

Will u ever allow your child to be in the same line of your work, If she/he decided to be a comedian?
I will give him or her good education first, then he/she can choose whatever he or she wants.

What would you say fame has deprived you of?
Walking on the road

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