JAC Interview: “I Love Sex So Much”- Actress Bose Oladimeji Tells Joy Akosa

JAC Interview: “I Love Sex So Much”- Actress Bose Oladimeji Tells Joy Akosa

Nollywood actress, Bose Oladimeji is one actress that has created a brand name for herself in the movie industry these past few years since her debut into the industry. Even if she is a very blunt person and has made It clear that she wouldn’t go as far as acting nude, she has also made it known that she is not in support of waiting till marriage before engaging in sexual activities.

In this interesting Interview with Joy Akosa’s Corner, she tells us more about her job and her personal life.  

What have you been up to lately? Any projects apart from your acting career?

Am on my masters studying English language. I graduated from Tai Solarin University of Education, studied English education, Ijebu Ode, Ogun state. Nigeria. Proceeded to university of Ibadan for masters

Do you have any competition in the movie industry so far?

I don’t engage in such, all I see is hard work, so tomorrow can be my best friend, I don’t compete with anybody; I see improvement, way forward. If I see any improvement in my colleagues I try to move closer to them and ask if I can have the opportunity to gain from it. Yes that’s Bose for you

So far, can you say you have gotten to that extent you can say I have achieved a lot?

Hmm, I’m blessed and I praise God, without him I’m nothing, where I’m, thanks to God, still praying to reach my destination and I believe in God. He promised me he will do it. So still praying to be successful in life

How are you looking at marriage in few years time?

[Smiles], it is in God’s hand. Its well

Is there any man in your life?


What is your dream man like? What do you expect him to be like?

Handsome, cool, God fearing, loving, caring and hardworking man, I don’t like a lazy man, talkative and a tattered man.


Do you believe in sex before marriage or do you think it’s not necessary to keep waiting

Capital NO, let’s do it before marriage and know the strongest of both parties before we seal it, if it’s not okay, correction can be taken rather than late so I believe in sex before marriage.

Can you marry an entertainer?

Capital NO

Why the No?

We won’t have time for our children and children needs their parents attention, because all the time we will always be out, so if I go out, my husband will be in or when he goes to work I’ll be available to stay with the kids.

What do you think about celebrity marriage break up and what do you think might be the cause?

Hmmm, marriage of now is something else, there are different issues that could cause a breakup, such as, inactive sex, cheating from either parties, lack of perception of individuals, low self esteem, in fact to mention a few, and the reason why celebrities are been focused on is that we are screen divas, people are eager to know different things about celebrities and so on, in fact some people will not know the root of the breakup before they would start saying rubbish. No woman or man will ever pray for breakup so all this aporoko are causing issues that they weren’t sent to cause and they should mind their business. Celebrities are not the only ones who break up, there are others out there but because nobody knows them so that’s the reason why celebrities is been focused on.

If you are to take one celebrity as a husband, who among all the celebrities would you prefer as a husband?

None dear. Not that they aren’t good o, but as for me, it is capital NO, I work with them, I appreciate and love them in fact we are great.

How often do you like having Sex?

All the time, in fact, I love it so much; I do it anytime it comes.

Can you act nude for 5million Naira?

(Laughs) Because I see myself in high places, so I can’t destroy my future because of money. I strongly believe in myself and am respecting that man, I mean the man that is out there and my precious body.

What do you think of actresses who sleep with producers or directors for movie roles?

Hmmm, they don’t believe in themselves, God and their creativity if they are, they won’t do that, I strongly believe in God and in working hard. If they believe in their creativity, even if they were given one scene, they would do it strongly and push it with prayers, because with God all things are possible even if you are given a lead role and you didn’t do it very well, you, yourself will know your fate before the film would be out. So my dear colleagues please strongly believe in God and stop being a prostitute because of job, my advice though.

In an interview sometime ago, you said you can’t settle for a poor man, have you changed your mindset to that?

See my dear; this is an opportunity for me to correct that statement. Like I said I like a hard working hubby, cool, loving, a man that is ready to build, support my career, can’t ever allow my hubby to take me as a full house wife, I love doing something great, unique, So that I can take good care of my unborn children with the support of my husband, so if my husband or I not working how will I give my children quality education? So I can settle for happiness and make sure am doing something for myself.


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