Foluke Daramola: Actress’ daughter dislikes acting after playing rape victim

Foluke Daramola: Actress’ daughter dislikes acting after playing rape victim

Ibukunoluwa, the daughter of Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola, has revealed her displeasure for acting after playing the role of a rape victim in a movie.

This has made her insist on pursuing her passion to become a doctor, as it would offer her the training necessary to take care of people with ill health.


“I liked acting before until they gave me a role I really hated. I was asked to play the part of a rape victim. I don’t know why I dislike the role but it just made me hate acting.”

“If I am given a better role, I might still act. My real ambition is to be a doctor so that I can take care of my parents when they are old.”

“Even though I am now on the television, my status has not affected me as a person and I do not see myself as a star. I see myself as somebody who is educating my peers and telling them to learn from our culture.”

“My reality show is just to let kids like me know more about their culture and language. My parents came up with the idea and when they told me about it, I was happy.”

“I don’t think it would disturb me especially in school and I am sure I would enjoy it. I speak in English but most times I speak in Yoruba.”

“Anytime I speak Yoruba to my friends in school, some of them usually say that they cannot keep up with the way I speak and I tell the person to explain to me how she would not understand her language as a Yoruba person.”

“Some of them ask me if they must understand their language but I tell them that it is their choice; it is something they need to learn. If they don’t want to speak it, I cannot force them. I am very good at Yoruba language and I can recite some ewi,” Ibukunoluwa told Punch News.

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