Exclusive:My Parents are Yet To Know Am An Artist- Erad

Exclusive:My Parents are Yet To Know Am An Artist- Erad

Akintayo dare shared with judith hanrankis his journey so far and what the new year will hold

Q: Can we meet you inside out?
I do not know where to start but my full name is  Akintayo Ridwan Dare akinsola known by the act/stage name Erad, am from osogbo osun state but currently based in kwara because am schooling there, am a song writer, actor, singer/rapper, script writer, record producer and a model. I like playing video games, listening to music, watching movies, i watch sports(soccer /basketball) sometimes i like hanging out with great people making friends sometimes and i love food.

Q: How did you come into limelight?
i was originally influenced by listening to music right from my early stage (around age 7) because my brother used to listen to a lot of foreign jams that time so I will mostly be enjoying the beats and make my own lyrics up for the song because it’s sometimes hard for me to hear the lyrics sometimes, i finally discovered myself at late 2010 when my immediate brother started making beats of his own i will collect the beats and freestyle on it so that was what woke me up and pushed me to making music.

Q: How did your parent accept you as an artist?
Well it’s only my mom that knows i write but none of them knows when i turned into a performing artiste, She didn’t complain about it she never thought I will take it up as my main career, as i view her she thinks i might just turn out to be a radio/tv icon that is how she sounded when she heard about me going for a program on radio last month.

Q: What inspire your genre of music?
It was inspired by the type of music i grew up listening to which is pop,rock,electronic, rap and a bit of reggae i was not a big fan of Nigerian songs then but am building great interest in them now.

Q: Do you ever feel rejected in club or any top event?
I don’t really go clubbing and when i do i don’t go for flexing i go for business and connection maybe and I’ve been looked down on before but once i introduce myself i never have a problem because i don’t show uninvited to places. I wouldn’t use the word reject but I’ve been underrated and maltreated couple times before and i can remember the latest one when i was invited to one rave concert they hardly let me in the same room with the likes of skibi, pepenazi etc and i was supposed to perform together with an artiste and korede bello which never happened cos they delayed us and i gotta run back to school

Q: Do you have any celebrity crush?
Yeah i have a few but let me just mention kehlani, demi Lovato maybe Rihanna.

Q: Who do u look up to in the industry both in Africa and foreign?
To be candid i do not look up to nobody here in Africa not that i don’t respect them though don’t get me wrong, but i love wizkid, davido, patoranking, ycee, falz, olamide, aka, and on the international level i have people i look up to like Kanye west, Lupe fiasco, lilwayne, drake, and i love Jeremiah,Chris brown among others.

Q: Is it just hip pop you do or other genre of music?
I do rock, electronic and dance hall genre too.

Q: How many singles so far, how did people accept it?
I had like 6 last year which i later scrapped due to business purpose and now i got 3 singles but I have  only made one official yet

Q: If given chance to be Nigeria President what will you do?
I cannot say and i wouldn’t wanna make any fake promise but I will do my best to make Nigeria greater than anyone can ever anticipate. I haven’t really start a serious promotion for my music yet because i initially focused on writing only i started releasing my songs last year before i scrapped them but i can tell you people do appreciate whichever of my songs i perform.

Q: Are you under any management?
Not currently.

Q: In 2016, do you have any remarkable moment?
I wouldn’t say i did cause i was unable to achieve what i wanted but am thankful to God I am improving everyday .

Q: 2017 is new what are you planning?
Am planning on getting adequate funding to market and promote my stuffs or secure a record deal, make my name known and recognized  in the Nigerian entertainment industry and probably on the international level at the same time then give my best in what i do. That’s if funding and school don’t mess up my plans.

Q: Who are you planning to work with in Africa and urban world?
I first want to start at home by working with davido, wizkid,a.k.a, olamide, probably ycee, kiss Daniel and on the international stage Drake, Kanye, Rihanna, Nicki minaj, young thug, Travis Scott, post malone, jeremiah, chris brown etc, I can keep mentioning all night long.

Q: How has the economic affect you?
You wouldn’t believe I have been making more money ever since the beginning of the economic meltdown but it’s bad that Naira don’t have much value now i guess am only affected by the reduce in the purchasing power of Naira and my parents been owed some months salary which directly affects me negatively although i mostly take care of myself but in terms of school fees and feeding allowance it was harder to get it that time.

Q: How long do you take to compose a song?
It depends on my mood but the least is like 10mins and it can take up to 45mins if I am writing and recording at the same time.

Q: How do u handle your female fans?
Uhm i have gotten used to them making some crazy requests like write me a song e.t.c but above all I appreciate and value their love even more than that of males, females seems to be more loyal and influential these days.
Q: Any words for your fans?
Well i love and value them and their support they should be expecting the best from me from am pretty sure much people are gonna be convinced to like me soon as i penetrate the industry with better stuffs they haven’t get the chance to be exposed to in the previous years

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