EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW :- ” I can say i am one of the influence of the new generation”- Ruggedman tells JAC.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW :- ” I can say i am one of the influence of the new generation”- Ruggedman tells JAC.

After the rift between Ruggedman and 9ice which lasted for six years, putting Ruggedman in black shadows almost bringing down his reputations.
Joy Akosa Corner’s has decided to interview Ruggedman on his latest hit with his estranged friend 9ice and his clothing line TSW fashion.
Read as Caroline Salvador walks you through Ruggedman’s life on this lovely interview.

Your feeling in regard to how far you have gone (looking back at where you were coming from?)

Looking back to where I am coming from and to how far I have gone, I can only thank God for life and everything. I have put myself in the history books of the Nigerian entertainment industry. You can’t talk about the Nigerian music industry, especially the rap scene without mentioning Ruggedman. I can say I am one of the influencers of the new generation.

You were honoured at the 2016 city people entertainment award, how do you feel about that?

When my name was called i said the same thing a lot of people around me said “it’s about time”. I felt and still feel honoured and great about it. There is nothing more gratifying, than to know that an industry you have slaved for appreciates your efforts.
Ruggedman is tagged as one of those who changed the face of Nigerian music and the award is one of the merits of doing that. I dedicate the award to every great Nigerian entertainer and entertainment writers.





Talking about the federal Nigeria society for the blind, celebrating its eleventh year cane day at the national stadium in Surulere, you were listed as one of the celebrities along Fathia Balogun and others to draw attention on the plight of the blind. How do you feel about this?

I feel good about it. I always appreciate and take every opportunity I can to give back to the Community. Not just because I am a United Nations Peace Ambassador, but because it is the type of person I am.

What are the five things you can’t live without?

My phone, my wit, egusi ,my family and soft chicken lol

How do you handle mistakes during performance?

I continue and it becomes part of the performance. At least the people will not know (laughs)

What are your most valued material possessions not material. My most valued possession is God

What are the most challenging part of your life/career this 2016?

Making my Twentieth September Wears clothing line a house hold name, but I am on it and with the scores of TSW fashion parties i have been doing i am getting there.




Which famous musicians do you admire (locally and internationally)? and Why?

Eminem because I think he is the best rapper alive. 2face Idibia for his talent and humility. 50cent because he is a great rapper and i feel he is an American Igbo man because of his serious business sense (laughs)

Is there something you would like to do more of in the future?

Pushing my Twentieth September Wears clothing line.

Do you intend to add anything to your clothing business in the nearest future?

Definitely, I am out to expand but gradually and purposefully

How do you balance your music with other obligations?

I do my best and remain me almost all the time. Keeping my private life away from the public also helps.

You just did a song with 9ice after what happened between the both of you since the past 6 years? What inspired the song? And are you planning in doing video of the song?





What happened between us was unfortunate and was caused by a misunderstanding. We chuck it to being part of lifeo being part of life’s dramas. He apologized and we cool. I had a song I needed a chorus on and his style fits what I need. I asked him and he was cool with it. That’s how it happened and I used it to take people down memory lane. The lane showing the great positive impact our first collaboration “Ruggedy Baba” had on the Nigerian music industry.
Yes we are planning a video for the song Religion.





Are you currently working on any song?

I have recorded scores of songs. Religion featuring 9ice is one of them. Just wait for them.

When have you been most satisfied in your life?

Anytime I get on stage to perform and the crowd sings along, it’s heavenly.

So are you in any relationship?

Private life stays out of the media if i can help it.(laugh)so, next question please

Lastly where would you like to find yourself in the next ten years?

With my record label and clothing line doing super.





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