Assailants kill retired naval officer for Ogun State

Assailants kill retired naval officer for Ogun State

Some unknown assailants don kill one retired naval officer, Chief Moses Akanni Famuyiwa, wey people dey always call MAF 44, for Ogun State on Wednesday morning.

Dem stab the 73 years old man wey be the CEO of MAF 44 Gardens and Event centre, wey dey for Arigbajo, Ogun State for em left elbow before dem run.

As report take yarn, the room wey dem kill dey soak as the bed-sheets, pillow, rug and the tiles don dey stained with blow wey show say the man follow the people drag before dem see am kill.

The wife, Mrs Opeyemi Akintanmide Famuyiwa, wey dey with am when the incident happen talk say the killers reach like 3 in numbers as dem enter their house around 5:00a.m. when the guards wey dem get don leave their post.

She talk say dem enter the room through the window kon go straigh to where the man sleep with her. She talk say dem pounce ontop am and he follow dem struggle for a very long time. Dem later hold am down as dem use one broken bottle wey dem see nearby to take shook am for elbow.

She talk say as he dey bleed, the killer make sure say em loose plenty blood before dem kon go.

She say,

“Immediately they left, I tied cloth around the wound to stop the blood, before I shouted for help. They didn’t go with any of his belongings; they only went with my phone and handbag, containing my identity card, driver’s licence, two Automated Teller Machine cards (ATMs) and other valuables.

“They didn’t touch his expensive phone lying beside him. God should expose the killers, they must not go free,”

One of em sons, Segun Famuyiwa, talk say as their mama shout for help wey dem hear for the main house, em rush go the place kon carry am go private hospital for Ifo. But dem reject am, na as dem dey carry am go another hospital em kon die.

Nigerian Police Force, Ewekoro Command, wey their DPO lead and  official of Directorate of Security Services (DSS) kon later recover the bag wey dem steal.

The DPO talk say dem go take the man wife go their station to take intorrogate am later as she no go fit talk because of the shock.

“We are going to beef up security around here, more men would be brought in, to patrol this area”.

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