Abimbola Craig talks Life as Tiwalade on “Skinny Girl In Transit”

Abimbola Craig talks Life as Tiwalade on “Skinny Girl In Transit”

Abimbola Craig was recently featured on the cover of Guardian Life Magazine and the Skinny Girl In Transit actress talked to the magazine about her role asTiwalade in NdaniTV’s hit web series, how she got the role, the past year as an actress and so much more.

Read excerpts below.

On how she got the role: I was working for Ndani TV as a producer, so I was meant to produce skinny girl in transit. And I was goofing around while people came to audition for skinny girl in transit and my footage was seen, my ‘Ogas’ on top where like “Bimbo you can do this thing, let’s try it… give it a shot. And I said okay let’s try it. I keep telling people it just fell in on the way; acting was never part of my life plan. I mean I did do it when I was in primary school and church.

On dating: I want whatever soap Tiwa is using, I want the same soap too… My social life and Tiwa’s social life are miles apart, Tiwa is busy.

On the series addressing societal issues: Every time we come up with storylines, we try to make sure we come up with stories that are addressing everyone’s life…What I really wanted people to take out was the married men situation. It has happened before, it will constantly keep happening. We need to stop being ignorant and letting girls think it’s okay. Telling girls what they want to believe and they are so naïve. I was watching a show I think it was moments in Ghana and a lady was talking a bit how she dated a married man for up to 8 years. Now she was aware but he kept on saying he was going to leave his wife and she had a kid by him. So every once in a while we try to touch all these basic issues but one thing I want everyone to take from it is regardless of any size you are you need to learn to love yourself. You cannot give out what you do not have within, so if you don’t love yourself and whatever insecurities you have be it fat, be it skinny, there is no way you can be a better person to whoever it is that is coming into your life.

On the reaction to Tiwa having a one-night stand: My personal opinion is that Nigerians as hypocrites full stop. First of all if you live in a glasshouse, don’t throw stones. Now the reason that was thrown in there was because everyone had seen Tiwa from season one to three and pretty much put her in a box.  So a lot of people were under the assumption that she was a virgin. We never played that card, we never once did…People just assumed that she was a virgin and her sister Shalewa was the wild one…I keep saying Nigerians are hypocrites because people kept walking up to me someone said “Tiwa you have joined bad gang”…Yes Tiwa had a one-night stand and she didn’t regret it. She only felt bad because she said her hear belonged to someone else. At the end of the day, body no be fire wood, Tiwa lived and that is the most important thing, we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow so why didn’t you do what you wanted to do today?




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