JAC EXCLUSIVE: I Lied Because I Was Broke- MC Shakara

JAC EXCLUSIVE: I Lied Because I Was Broke- MC Shakara

Kenneth Agberia popularly known as MC Shakara is one of Nigeria’s award winning comedians who hails from Delta State but was born in Port Harcourt. He grew up and schooled in Jos and later furthered to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. In this exclusive interview with Joy Akosa’s Corner he talks about his himself, relationship and career.
What made you come to Lagos to look for greener pastures?
That word greener pastures actually motivated me to come to Lagos, but when I came, the pastures were red not green, meaning there was hunger at the time I came, my coming to Lagos is very funny, do you know I was coming to Lagos not knowing anybody, have you traveled like that before? I just carried my bag and started coming to Lagos, no relative, no friend, no invitation, nobody, we had an issue in school ABU Zaria, there was a crisis then between Christians and Muslims student and somehow a lot of people where involved and they where looking for people that were involved in it, you know normal school crisis and everybody came out to protest.
What have been the challenges so far?
The challenges are much, in Lagos here, I am not trying to say some people are tribalistic, they work on brand, you have to be in a particular level before they will give you attention, they are not saying you should not hustle, some people even make it very clear, they will tell you, “you bring proposal, you be Basketmouth, you be Alibaba?” Some of them are that blunt just to tell you that, you cannot sell our brand, but when you get to a certain level and then you come out, in fact they will be the one asking for you, so right now, that has been a major challenge. You know, you want endorsement, but they want your brand to be as big as the top comedians, they don’t believe in you coming up. So right now the benefit we have is based on the level of the brand, small brand that is trying to come up that can’t afford the big names, they will now come for us, and then the big names go for the bigger brands. Then street challenges, it is has to do with all these people that don’t believe in comedians, they just see you as one nuisance, there are people like that, even up till this level that showbiz is like everywhere, there are people that when you say you are a comedian, they will just look at you and say, you never know wetin you dey do. Then we have some other set that they see you as a comedian, they just see you as a clown, so when they see you, they just want you to be very funny and make them laugh, so if you are too organized, they are disappointed, they will say you are feeling, are you not supposed to be a comedian, like am wearing a suit and come into an event, I sit down, cross my leg and paying attention to what’s happening, then you are beefing that we are just feeling. But we have advantages.
Do you have any competition so far, anyone you see as a threat?
I will not call it a competition I will call it a market, we have a big market where everybody is selling, so I don’t think you will go to the market now and ask a woman selling whether she has a competition, she came to sell so its by the grace of God, everybody will sell his or her own market.
mc shakara2
Do you intend doing only entertainment?
Am not intending am already doing other things, am just laying foundation for business, its not official yet but am still doing show business, just like somebody is a military man and planning on when he retires from the force, what he will do, but you will just wait until you retire, so I have started now, I know the line of the business, am preparing my ground, inquires and everything and am following up to know how this business work. It has to do with buying and selling of some kind of drinks, I grew up with my grand mom and then she sells Ogogoro in bulk, so I want to take it to the highest level.
So when do you intend getting married?
I want to marry like soon as God will.
So are you in a relationship with somebody?
I don’t know if am in a relationship or not, but I know am in a kind of long distance relationship, she is schooling trying to round up, like I always want to know that something is ahead but let the time come and I will face it.
How often do you have sex?
I don’t know oh, I don’t work with calendar on that, I don’t mark date, it just happens when it happens.
Are you addicted to sex?
If you are not busy you will be addicted to sex I noticed, if you are busy, there are times you will forget that you have an object that can make love, because you have a project, you have a time frame to meet up, you have events, you travel, so you can’t be an addict if you are busy. In that case I won’t call myself an addict.
In the entertainment industry, who is your female crush?
Rita Dominic, I just like the way she talks when she is acting and everything about her, I also like her lips.
What is your most embarrassing moment?
I think it was when I went to MC one Yoruba traditional marriage, it was a Muslim wedding, the woman asked me if I could speak Yoruba, I said yes because I was broke that period and  I needed that event that very week, I needed that money for something so I went, I started and later told her I really cant speak, then she started shouting at me, anyway I should go and start, and you know, Yoruba traditional wedding settings, some people are sharing slippers here, some people are sharing that there, it was disorganized and am trying to crack jokes, I was trying hard nobody they give me attention, not like I was cracking jokes and it is not funny, nobody is even listening to you, they are just doing their thing, even when you say hello nobody is answering and then the woman had to come with anger and dragged the microphone from my hand, that was like 5 years ago, the foolish people that were not paying attention, when she did that they started laughing.
Are you working on any project?
Am doing a comedy and sport CD, they are jokes about sport because I like football, jokes about the world cup; it’s coming out in audio. Am doing a thanksgiving concert which is free in middle October. I will be hitting the screens very soon with Wazobia TV which will be launched later this year, am one of the presenters. It is going to be on DSTV, Startimes. I am also working on a family by next year.
Do you intend going into politics?
Not yet oh, I don’t have any plans for that one yet.
So what do you think about your colleagues going into politics?
It is the way forward na, it is the same looking for garri, it is just to expand, it is the same hustling. It is not like you are the God sent to come and save the people, as I am now I have not seen a God sent leader, whether locally or federally. Everybody is hustling, everybody is looking for how to survive, maybe that’s why the country is corrupt, until we have people that are willing to serve the nation from their heart and not there to hustle then Nigeria will be better.
Any Spectacular thing happening with you this year?
yes, my comedy show themed Shakara and the Gang. it will be taking place at the Muson Centre on the 28th of June, 2015. It is a kind of comedy show no one has ever seen before.
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